Patiently observing and waiting
feeling the stillness around
as emotions boil within,
and bring up my heart to a faster pace,
they slowly creep to the surface
covering every inch of my skin;
Even my hairs get on point,
they make me stop and wonder why this is…
Let me breathe deep
Inhale this inner beauty and peace,
exhale the troubles of life;
No matter how lost life may seem,
when you look deep within
You eventually realize: there’s hope.

As each breath can cleanse away a moment of stress
each sigh can relieve a moment of pain
every tear can cleanse an ounce of dispair.

Just as a rainy day nurtures the soil,
may our thoughts nurture our brain
let us cleanse in this first bath of May
let it wash all our worries away
let us dive deep into our minds
and search for that power of fight;
together we can unite
together we can make the world right.

So for this moment, sit still and imagine all the wonders and possibilities of life.

#amsv #aeris #doragonfurai #subervi
Written: May 2, 2016.