A 24 month period of back and forth

Burst in a couple minutes revelation

So many endless hours of triangle confusion

The triangle tipping side to side

From equilateral, to 90 degrees, to isoceles

Uncertain of its transformation

Or its distribution

Searching for balance

With unsteady legs

The angles grew and shrunk in unending ways

Taking three seperate lines and gluing them together doesn't make them one

They’re still 3 separate lines joined individually on each side

One tied to the angle on the right

and the other side tied to the angle on the left

never touching simultaneously

never overlapping

never unifying.

Although together they equal one,

if you break one angle,

they all come undone

the triangle becomes a line

with a beginning and an end

with a past and a present

the line becomes a path for forgetting

forging ahead from what once was

uncertain of its new course

but certain of what was done.


Goodbye young love

Goodbye flowered twirler

Goodbye angles,

I free you from this unbalanced love.