As I lay on the floor 

Looking blindly into the light

I feel pieces of past realities flash before my eyes

They come with some feelings

Some triggers of sense

They come, dragging memories that make neurons fire

These visions dellude (y)our self

Confusing (y)our mind with moments of past

Pasting (y)our judgement on nonexistance

Viewing through (y)our lense

Considering it truth

Using (y)our dogma, unclear of (y)our habits

We paste all (y)our labels, trying to fit these moments into our boxes and categories

They tangle our sight, making us forget our reality

Forget that I’m sitting on the floor writing,

You’re looking at a screen go up while you read

You’re in the present,

I’m in the past

As you read this, this moment no longer exists

I write to you from my old self, my current self

Explaining my thoughts as they pass through my mind

These nonexistances

These distortions

These paradigms.

This ab(sent)use and misuse of reality by

the self who gives up their current state, for their past state, a state that does not exist

A moment that was lost in time

The self who plasters (y)our self 

With projections of unocurred future

The self who self-fullfills their prophecy via inaction

the self who let’s go of control, for a moment of cruising

The self who forgets the ego’s  ignorance

The self who doesn’t question their reality

The self who forgets we exist in this moment

The self who decides to be absent no more.