Isnt it interesting how we lie to others as much as we do to ourselves

Here we sit

With the dots transforming before us writing as many words our cellphones can hold

The blue backdrop

Makes the thin dark letters seem graceful

I send you my love

I’m happy you’re well

I have a special space in my heart for you

We’ll meet again

Only time must pass

All is well. 
All these infinite blatant lies

Begin to delude ourselves into believing

That if what we write it enough

If we say it enough

We’ll feel it enough

To make it true
Yet interim communications with common beings

Shine light onto our own delusional false reality

Maybe we wish as hard as we can to make those feelings true

Maybe we’re doing our best for those moments to come

But meanwhile

Lets now pretend we remember eachother fondly

Lets not pretend we hold ourselves dear to our hearts

Lets not pretend we wish eachother as well as we say

Because an instant of bluntness is enough to pull out our true colors

And our ego gets shaken to the core as we knab at what we don’t like

And a common thread is enough to spark a rant of hate

Which may transform into feeling no more
Lets not pretend

Lets pretend no more

Maybe then our beings will realize

It can let past egos feeling go

Leaving no more words to say

Before setting eachother free

Finally letting go

And feeling lighter than before.