Contradicting thoughts and actions

Exude my mind

Overpowering my will

And eagerness to thrive

Slowly I observe how a change in direction suddently leaves me dumbfounded

Where did the path go?

Where was I moving towards?
Reality shocks you back into the existence of now

Forcing you to open your eyes of overpowering thoughts

Or mostly thoughts overpowered by mischievous kinds.
Where am I going in this day and time?

Towards life, towards re-reconnecting with the connection that was lost to my ego’s galore

In this daily battle of bettering my life

Now is all that matters

Now is all there is

And for every other now to be full of life and love and happiness

Now may be a resonance of those true feelings

Letting past detours go

Even if in some moments now seems to be the antithesis of this

There will always be a now to refocus

To reshape your life

To move back towards the path you were pursuing

And continue to grow and better your self on a daily basis.
Now is all there is.

Now is all that matters. 

Thank you Now for reconnecting me with my self, thank you for all the nows in existence.

Thank you for every frequency of life. Thank you for this moment and this feeling.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

-Ali Shasuva-

📸 by: @maite_alexa