Contradicting thoughts and actions

Exude my mind

Overpowering my will

And eagerness to thrive

Slowly I observe how a change in direction suddently leaves me dumbfounded

Where did the path go?

Where was I moving towards?
Reality shocks you back into the existence of now

Forcing you to open your eyes of overpowering thoughts

Or mostly thoughts overpowered by mischievous kinds.
Where am I going in this day and time?

Towards life, towards re-reconnecting with the connection that was lost to my ego’s galore

In this daily battle of bettering my life

Now is all that matters

Now is all there is

And for every other now to be full of life and love and happiness

Now may be a resonance of those true feelings

Letting past detours go

Even if in some moments now seems to be the antithesis of this

There will always be a now to refocus

To reshape your life

To move back towards the path you were pursuing

And continue to grow and better your self on a daily basis.
Now is all there is.

Now is all that matters. 

Thank you Now for reconnecting me with my self, thank you for all the nows in existence.

Thank you for every frequency of life. Thank you for this moment and this feeling.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

-Ali Shasuva-

📸 by: @maite_alexa


Release me

Written: October 30, 2016.

To see clarity

when everything was a blurr

to see truth through all the lies

to see reality instead of imagination

to see facts instead of hope

to see now

what never was

and never will be

To see things for what they were

and what they are.
Truth lies in the eye of the beholder,

just as beauty does.

To remove the perceiver

or see through another perceivers’ eyes

Is clarity in itself. 

Thank you for what never was

for what never will be

Thank you for clarity amidst all the darkness

thank you for truth, however late it came

thank you for releasing me.

– Ali Shasuva-

Its been done before

📸 by Howard Schatz 

Its been done before

By some other human

At some other time

In some other place
Its been done before?


The creation already existed

And before it was done by someone

It was probably done before that

All has already existed

All already exists
And even though creation seems to be tied by this invisible thread of recreating

The thought is no ones possession

The idea exists on its own

Its not mine

Or yours

Its no ones and everyones

And yet the ego wishes to claim it as its own

When will this false sense of ownership dissipate?

When will this false sense of possession let go?

When will the illusion of thought sparse and show the way?

When will creation be bound to them no more?
Its been done before

By some other human

At some other moment

In some other place

Its been done before.

– Ali Shasuva –

Sola por este mundo

Aveces buscan en mi un punto final

Aveces una rima a mi melodía 

Intentan bailar al ritmo de mi tambor

Y volar junto a mis energías

Pero yo aún ando en transformación

Ajustandome como rompecabezas a cada situación cambiante 

Mientras busco un camino aislado

Donde pueda conocer cada rincón de quien soy

Busco alejarme del pasado

O quien quisiera caminar hacia donde voy
¿hacia donde voy?

Hacia un punto sin final

Hacia mis metas y mi ser

Busco desvestirme y bañarme en mi desnudez 

Busco arrojar todas las máscaras al fuego

Y vivir frente al mundo sin peros y sin miedo

Siendo una reflexión de mi propio espejo

Busco proyectar la corteza de quien soy

Primero para mi disfrute

Antes que el resto pueda ver quien soy y que doy
Al ser un ser cambiante

No temas mi abandono

Suelta las cadenas del apego

Y observa como me transformo

Hacia o lejos de ti

Para y por mi

Déjame ir

Déjate ir

Vivamos para ser feliz


sin fin.

-Ali Shasuva-

Atada a ti

Tus raíces escarlatinas

Me atan a tu suelo

Me agarro con firmeza,

por si viene la tormenta

poder quedarme en la tierra

viviendo bajo tu grandeza.
Me dejo ir

Y danzo al ritmo de tu movimiento

Mientras el viento enciende la fluidez en ti

Enciendes la fluidez en mi

Soy parte de ti

Eres parte de mi.
No dejes que mi aparente delicadeza te engañe

Soy tan feroz como tu supervivencia en medio de un cráter de tierra.

Subiré a ti,

Me dejaré ir,

Seré parte de ti,

Serás parte de mi.

-Ali Shasuva-

Lets not pretend

Isnt it interesting how we lie to others as much as we do to ourselves

Here we sit

With the dots transforming before us writing as many words our cellphones can hold

The blue backdrop

Makes the thin dark letters seem graceful

I send you my love

I’m happy you’re well

I have a special space in my heart for you

We’ll meet again

Only time must pass

All is well. 
All these infinite blatant lies

Begin to delude ourselves into believing

That if what we write it enough

If we say it enough

We’ll feel it enough

To make it true
Yet interim communications with common beings

Shine light onto our own delusional false reality

Maybe we wish as hard as we can to make those feelings true

Maybe we’re doing our best for those moments to come

But meanwhile

Lets now pretend we remember eachother fondly

Lets not pretend we hold ourselves dear to our hearts

Lets not pretend we wish eachother as well as we say

Because an instant of bluntness is enough to pull out our true colors

And our ego gets shaken to the core as we knab at what we don’t like

And a common thread is enough to spark a rant of hate

Which may transform into feeling no more
Lets not pretend

Lets pretend no more

Maybe then our beings will realize

It can let past egos feeling go

Leaving no more words to say

Before setting eachother free

Finally letting go

And feeling lighter than before.

uncorresponded love

There she stood, perplexed, unable to move, standing still statuesque and tilted, frozen in time. Uneased by the words my mouth uttered with my breaths last exaust. Those words that take a gallon of courage to think, and months of moments plastered all over your heart before you gain the infinitesque of courage to even ponder saying them. 
And there I stood, baffled by my bluntness and impulsivity around her. Heart pounding rampant in my chest, I inhaled wishing to take the words back in as if a thread were bound to them. But I couldn’t, I had spoken, and whatever were to happen next didn’t matter. Loved or unloved suddenly became irrelevant, all I wanted was for her to know she was loved with or without her intent, with or without her desire, with or without her reciprocity, she was loved: as is without tweaks, without condition, without any desire of change. There we left it, as if no words had been spoken, as if no changes had ocurred.
She stood there, for a moment, and then went about her day.

Pierced screen

My eyes pierced the screen in a heightened senseAwaiting for those three dots to transform before myeyes 

In to words 

I had no idea into which words they’d become

My vision was paralyzed

My gaze unseperable from what pulled me in…

Our essence

Our wholehearted pressence

A resonance of kindered souls on a journey to themselves

A bending of two distant points in time next to eachother

If this is what it meant to just be

I wanted to be this moment forever;

For now, I can.

Since now in every other moment

already means forever.

– Ali Shasuva –

#amsv #subervi #doragonfurai #aeris

I have no words to describe what capturing this essence means. Maité is art in life.

I wanted to capture every instant from every corner of the stage. So much so that at moments she would catch me just staring instead of taking a picture, because no(thing) can replace the reality of those moments, not the pictures, not the memories, not the stories, not even reminiscing…

All there is is now, so take a few seconds away from your screen and look intensely into where you are right now.
Describe it to me below, I want to know what your now looks like! 🙏🏽 Gracias @maite_alexa infinitas gracias 🙏🏽

love is letting go

“Love was a feeling completely bound up with color, like thousands of rainbows superimposed one on top of the other.”- Paulo Cohelo;
Love was a burst of light piercing through the core
bleeding its colours all over the floor;
Love was a cloud of glimmering specs
surrounding our essence and uniting our selves;
Love was every a piano’s key enveloping the air,
sewing our hearts in each of its notes;
Love was a union,
a beginning and an ending;
Love was holding on;
Love was saying goodbye,
and letting go.

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